AQBATORTM = Accelerator + Incubator

Empowering entrepreneurs to promote wellness

Entrepreneurs are not mere societal problem solvers or pleasure givers- they are the creator of jobs, wealth, and the future.

AqbatorTM is designed as a full-service ecosystem for Food & Agri entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting wellness through natural and organic products and services. We co-invest in startups & early-stage companies by working closely with other investors & funds who share a common vision.

If you are one of our Aqbatee companies, we can provide infrastructure and access to our network of service providers including accounting and law firms, digital & research agencies, product development labs, I-banks, investors & business partners. We can discuss and help in strategy, process and execution design. Basically, we want you to enjoy your work, remain mission driven and build the business of your dreams.

We are investors and cheerleaders if you are:

  • In the Food, Ag and welltech© space
  • A rider or even better; a driver of mega trends
  • Global in your ambition
  • Not playing solo (we prefer teams)
  • Looking for Angel, Seed or Series A funding
  • C-SAW® Mission aligned and driven

We offer


  • Funding (Seed & Series A)
  • Capital Formation & Structuring
  • Investor/Banking Negotiation


  • Access to World Class R&D Infrastructure
  • Product Development
  • Help with Testing & Certification
  • Ingredient Sourcing Support


  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • HR & Admin


  • Strategy Design
  • Business Plan Development
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Lead Generation & Scaling

Our portfolio

If you are a Food & Agri entrepreneur looking to scale.