Designing food for wellness

The Applied Food Research Center (AFRC) is conceived as a nature-inspired food innovation hub with a Think Tank and Product Development Center, with a mission to promote affordable wellness globally. The Think Tank’s focus is to support an evidence-based approach to establish correlation between traditional food systems and consumer wellness. The product development center collaboratively designs and develops natural food products and processes to help companies scale from lab to shelf. The AFRC helps craft the strategic approach to R&D to be more consumer-forward even as it’s based on a platform of Wellness

The Think Tank

If we ask the wrong question, we will never get the right answer.

At C-SAW®, we are committed to unraveling the intrinsic goodness of food. Food is not just medicine but good food can frequently prevent the need for medication. A big part of the work at the C-SAW® Think Tank is to ask the right questions that will help researchers in their quest to unearth though meta-analysis, the correlation between traditional food systems and wellness.

The C-SAW® Think Tank will comprise a multidisciplinary team of scientists, public policy experts, agronomists, nutritionists, clinicians, traditional medical practitioners etc. C-SAW® will support their individual research through grants and will co-host/sponsor a series of seminars, conferences and publish research papers that will be made widely available to industry, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

Simultaneously, we aim to accelerate the shift to Agriculture 3.0. or what has been called the evergreen revolution. We will work concurrently with researchers and entrepreneurs and dig deep into emerging technologies through promoting research and making investments across the Food & Ag supply chain including Precision Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture, nutrient rich product development, disintermediated distribution to promote farmer prosperity and affordable consumer wellness.

Basically the Think Tank will promote research that aligns with the vision that farmers prosper, consumers eat heathy and food companies transform.

Let's ask the right questions.

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Product Development Center

Food is magic. We are what we eat

At C-SAW® we believe that the traditional food company focus on measuring Share of wallet, Share of Plate, Share of Mind is no longer as relevant. Consumer megatrends clearly indicate a strong predilection for ‘convenience without compromise’. Consumers are increasingly concerned that what they eat must further good health or don’t bother buying it. We see this as the beginnings of a metric we call ‘Share of Wellness’. Can food companies begin measuring how impactful their products will be to consumer wellbeing? Can food companies begin to honestly put the consumer first by asking to measure her wellbeing alongside their own internal measures of market share, share of shopping basket, etc? This can only begin with purpose-driven Product Development.

C-SAW®’s product development initiatives comprise various technologies such as fermentation, pasteurization, thermal processing, chilling, freezing, etc. We also work across cuisines — Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, Indian, and more. The Product Development Center delivers specific functional benefits and focuses on all-natural foods with no synthetic chemicals, additives, preservatives or GMOs.

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